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Ole Flo The Crow

#232  Handmade Primitive Ole Flo The Crow

Ole Flo is just plum tuckered-out! She's come to rest on top of this handmade grubby pumpkin! This big ol pumpkin is weighted down, so it won't fall over with her! It's about 19" high to the top of Flo's hat. It's all grubby & I added some moss, & sweet annie around the stem, which is from my back yard! I also added some rope & grubby cheesecloth to the stem & then tied a grubby hangtag to it. On one side of the hangtag is a stamp of a crow & on the other side it says, "It's a Crows Life". Ole Flo is super grubby & has rusty bells for her eyes & some grubby cheesecloth around the brim of her hat. There's also a rusty bell on the tip of her hat! This is a super piece in any prim home for Halloween. This an Olde Homestead Barn Pattern.


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