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At this time, I am only shipping to the U.S. & Canada. Shipping charges are added after you have finished shopping. You may also want to add insurance to your order. If you are outside of the U.S., & don't mind paying the higher shipping charges, you may want to contact me. When you are paying with PayPal & are taken to the PayPal page, DO NOT enter your zip code under your order #. The shipping has already been added in! If you put in your zip code it will charge you shipping again! If this happens, DO NOT finalize the order & contact me. I will send you an invoice for the correct amount. If you have any questions e-mail or call me.
If you would prefer to mail a check or money order, make check (money order) payable to:
Barefoot Horse Candles & Gifts.
Items paid with check, will not be mailed until check clears bank. This is usually 10 days.
If you would like to send a money order or check please mail to:
Connie Roderfeld
10306 Magnolia Dr.
Baldwin, IL. 62217-1049
Please e-mail me if you think the shipping charges are to high. Sometimes they are not calculated correctly. If you are ordering more that 1 item, please e-mail me with your order instead of using the shopping cart, that way I can combine your shipping. You must not use the shopping cart though! When you recieve your order, you may notice that the bubble wrap, shredded paper, etc. is used! I recycle as much as I can! That also keeps down my costs for shipping charges.
New for the summer!
Candles & soaps that are ordered throughout the summer season, will now be shipped with an "Ice Brix" in them.This is only if tempatures are extreme. This way nothing will melt on it's way to your house! There is no extra charge for this added protection on your order.

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